SERIOUS:A motorcycle and truck collided at the intersection of the Bruxner Highway, Cowlong and Alphadale Roads at Alphadale in 2013.Photo Cathy Adams / The Northern Star
SERIOUS:A motorcycle and truck collided at the intersection of the Bruxner Highway, Cowlong and Alphadale Roads at Alphadale in 2013.Photo Cathy Adams / The Northern Star

What will be done about notoriously dangerous blackspot?

WHILE the NSW government has revealed it is "looking at options" to improve safety at a notoriously dangerous intersection, Lismore MP Janelle Saffin says she will "keep on the case" until the blackspot is upgraded.

The black spot located on the Bruxner Highway at the Cowlong Road intersection at Alphadale has seen at least three serious crashes in the past three years, involving multiple vehicles (up to six at a time) upon two occasions.

Collisions at the intersection often causes heavy traffic in both lanes on the Bruxner Hwy.

Transport for NSW data showed in the 10 years to 2018, there were seven crashes recorded as occurring at or within 10 metres of the intersection of Bruxner Highway and Alphadale Road/Cowlong Road, Lindendale.

These crashes resulted in eight people being injured, including two people seriously injured.

Transport for NSW Director Anna Zycki said the government body was looking at options to improve safety at the intersection of Bruxner Highway and Alphadale Road/Cowlong Road.

"As with all road projects across NSW, a concept design as well as environmental and geotechnical assessments would be carried out before local communities and major stakeholders are consulted," Ms Zycki said.

"This work is dependent on funding availability," Ms Zycki said.

"The community and stakeholders will be kept informed as plans progress."

The revelation comes off the back of continued lobbyying by the Member for Lismore for safety improvements at the crossroads.

Lismore MP Janelle Saffin said she raised motorists' safety concerns several times last year about the Alphadale crossroads 'black spot' with NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole, and she would keep on the case.

In parliament on October 24, Ms Saffin asked minister Toole: "Will Transport for NSW undertake a study of the dangerous intersection of Cowlong Road and the Bruxner Highway at the Alphadale crossroads (heading towards the Alstonville Plateau) considering its significant history of serious crashes and the proposed left-turn lane that will give some improvement to safety?".

Minister Toole responded on November 28, advising that Transport for NSW was in the early stages of investigating improvements to the intersection to improve road safety.

Ms Saffin previously had written to Mr Toole on behalf of concerned Mcleans Ridges residents who had to navigate the intersection on an almost daily basis.

Mr Toole's Parliamentary Secretary and Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis advised that Transport for NSW recognised the intersection would benefit from improvement works and was in the early stages of investigation options.

"The review will consider growth in traffic as a result of recent land development, including the Cameron Road subdivision," Mr Gulaptis wrote.

"To address road safety improvements in the interim, I am advised that in early 2020, Transport for NSW will upgrade the existing signposting to highlight the presence of motorists who wish to turn on the approach to the intersection."

Ms Saffin said she would continue advocating for a comprehensive safety study and had kept the issue on the Lismore City Council's Traffic Advisory Committee's radar.

A designated left turning lane into Cowlong Road off the Bruxner Highway was provided by Transport for NSW a number of years ago to help reduce rear end crashes at this intersection.

Lismore Council has previously proposed a roundabout at this location but the proposal was rejected by Transport for NSW due to the difficult road alignment which would introduce a significant safety issue, as approaching traffic has very limited sight distance.