CRAFTY: Peggy Pop-Art with a Knitting Nanna and Stella, Edyn and Noah at The Arty Party at Spinks Park.
CRAFTY: Peggy Pop-Art with a Knitting Nanna and Stella, Edyn and Noah at The Arty Party at Spinks Park. Sophie Moeller

To support goodness in world means not giving in to despair

THE morning after my granddaughter was born I woke early, got up, got into the car and drove north to meet her. I don't think I even brushed my hair. Food and drink? Irrelevant. I was a woman on a mission. The maternal instinct was so strong it pulled me up the highway. I drove through southeast Queensland torrential downpours, road works, traffic jams, and Commonwealth Games restrictions - whatever was thrown at me, I kept going. Nothing could stop me.

I reached the large, complicated hospital where she was born. It had multiple buildings, lifts, walkways, carparks, and confusing signage. Still I pressed on. I was like a heat-seeking missile. I found them and the moment I saw my daughter and her baby, I burst into tears. Wee Lucy lay in her father's arms, looking startled. My daughter and her husband were beaming; the atmosphere, even in the hospital setting, was magical.

It was more than quite something to see my first grandchild. Hearts were opened and love was visibly present in the room. The birth of a baby brings enchantment, awe and an abundance of bliss. None of us could say much, we simply gazed at the beautiful wee girl. So tiny and complete.

My daughter's happiness was my heart's ease. I remembered her birth and now here she was, all grown up with her own baby to care for. All relationships shift and shift again when a baby is born into the family circle. Sisters become aunts, cousins are made. And me, I became doting granny.

Then I left and drove back. On the radio was a long and saddening story about children dying in Yemen and Syria. I was sharply grateful for the stability and peace of Australia.

Then they started on about plastics. Sometimes it all gets bit grim and we are told we are about to swamped by refugees, run out of water and buried in plastic waste. The arrival of wee Lucy reminded me to redouble my efforts to resist accelerating environmental desecration.

I vowed to support goodness in the world and not give in to despair. I must see about becoming a Knitting Nanna.