Time to back the Lantern Parade with bucks

IF THERE is one thing Jyllie Jackson has proved to the Northern Rivers: she need never doubt the Lantern Parade is not an extremely valuable and treasured part of our regional culture.

With in excess of 30,000 people descending on the city to take part in the festivities, we certainly cannot afford to NOT fully support this event going forward, and especially as next year marks its 25th anniversary.

Thankfully, the army of bucketeers did a great job, raising $12,000 in donations to help cover the costs of the event, but really?

This should not have been a last minute option because Oakes Oval was not complete and ready for the community.

Not only did our Mayor Isaac Smith offer a warm welcome to all those in attendance, the Lantern Parade made us look damned impressive to the Japanese sister city delegation visiting from Yamato Takadato (see P10).

It was great Geoff Hannah was able to unveil his cabinet to the delegation at the invitation of the council in the new gallery as The Quad provided incredible atmosphere below.

I did not think it was right the gallery's toilets became makeshift public amenities with a line of people threading out the door.

We need to claim how good we are and back ourselves, and that means spending bucks on events where returns are proven.

Congratulations to all those who played a part in an incredible weekend in the CBD and Spinks Park for the Friendship Festival on Sunday (back page).