Brett Adlington, director of Lismore Regional Gallery at Eurovisions Exhibition.
Brett Adlington, director of Lismore Regional Gallery at Eurovisions Exhibition. Sophie Moeller

The mother, the revolution, the artist and his other

THE gallery has been absolutely humming of late, with 10,000 people coming into the building in March alone. Our current show, Beguile: European Masters: 17th - 20th Century is running until Sunday, May 6 and, unsurprisingly, has proved a huge hit. This show includes work by so many major European artists including Picasso, Miro, Renoir, Chagall and Goya. Chief among them is Dutch artist Rembrandt. On Thursday, May 3, at 11am, one of the region's most cherished artists, René Bolton, will be speaking at the gallery with master lithographer, Fred Genis, about their shared Dutch heritage and how this influences their art making.

This will be followed on Sunday, May 6 at 11am with an illustrated public lecture From Scared to Secular: The Etchings of Rembrandt and Goya by Dr. Andrea Bubenik. Dr. Bubenik is a senior lecturer in Art History at the University of Queensland, with her research and teaching focused on Renaissance and Baroque art. She will explore some of the highlights of the Beguile exhibition, especially the masterful prints by Rembrandt van Rijn and Francisco Goya, easily the most important printmakers of their respective generations.

It really has been so great to see the gallery so busy with people exploring and learning about what's on display, listening to artist talks and taking part in workshops. After so many years it actually feels as if the team is finally working in a 'real' gallery!

And speaking of learning, the gallery's learning officer, Claudie Frock, has recently been working through a guiding program with a team of amazing volunteer guides. We'll soon be in a position to draw on the skills of these new guides, meaning more opportunities for audiences to gain a deeper knowledge of what's on display.

Finally, we've just opened an exhibition of video work by one of Australia's most prominent artists, Tracey Moffatt. Moffatt has collaborated with Gary Hillberg, whereby they have forensically pulled apart thousands of films to create new narratives based on particular thematic ideas such as: Artist, The Other, Mother, Revolution, among others. Leave plenty of time to sit down and let these often hilarious interventions wash over you!