PROUD HISTORY: 100th anniversary of The Lismore Scouts.
PROUD HISTORY: 100th anniversary of The Lismore Scouts. Alison Paterson

The big influencer in town is you

LAST week the Northern Star published a list of 70 amazing people who have a big influence in our region.

This list contains a bunch we would expect, the odd international superstar and I'm sure a few we had never heard of. But they missed one. .. you!

Every day in my job I meet someone I didn't know who is a positive influence in our community.

To some it is just about their street, or for others it is a local sporting club or community organisation.

Others work with small business, on farms or out in in environment. Each of these people is making a difference to our community that can never be properly measured.

Just last month I attended the 100th anniversary celebrations for the 1st Lismore Scouts.

They have a proud history of community leadership and influence that has meant a lot to Lismore, and continues to change lives for the better.

They are officially titled "1st Lismore, Sir Walter Davidson's Own”, named after the NSW Governor who was in office during World War I. The Governor was so impressed with their rescue efforts in two major floods and support for Australian service men during the war, he allowed them to take his name.

However a surprising fact that came out on the night was the 1st Lismore Scouts have the right to lead any NSW Scout parade as Governor Davidson had it written into their state charter almost 100 years ago.

These stories give me hope in the work that any one of us can do in our community now.

Today is the right day to put up your hand and join a local club or organisation and start making a difference.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has” - Margaret Mead.