The Lismore Square expansion attracted debate.
The Lismore Square expansion attracted debate. Marc Stapelberg

Sustainability a key driver for us in council

SUSTAINABILITY is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but without context it doesn't really mean anything. At council, as we develop our plans for the future, I see it as being a key driver for fighting against climate change and fighting for economic development.

We are all now well versed in the impacts of climate change. While some remain sceptical, the vast majority accept that humans have had an impact on the planet and we need to take steps to address it. But when it comes to economic development, people are less sure about what it means.

On the back of the debate around the Lismore square expansion, some people see economic development as just big business expanding. But it is much more than that. What it really represents is the future sustainability of our community and our city. We need to be a city that can accommodate more people, provide more jobs and attract visitors. So every project at council needs to keep these principles in mind.

So with the launch of our newest Lismore prospectus this week we are having more of those conversations than ever before. We need to talk with governments, the private sector and our residents about what is working in our city. These stories should be shouted from the roof tops so that our unique identity as a regional city is at the forefront of every conversation.

So when you are downtown in a local business, ask them for their story, their journey. How did they do it? What can you learn from it?

There are so many conversations to be had about where our community is right now, but more importantly where we want to be in the future.

It is my belief that Lismore can be an example for others to follow.