TOURING: Ross Wilson from Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock has been playing music for more than 50 years.
TOURING: Ross Wilson from Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock has been playing music for more than 50 years. CONTRIBUTED

Ross Wilson brings his Cool World

FROM Daddy Cool to Mondo Rock, as a solo artist and as songwriter of classics such as Eagle Rock, Cool World and A Touch of Paradise, or as producer of the legendary Skyhooks, Jo Jo Zep, The Johnnys and The Screaming Jets, Ross Wilson is an icon of Australian music.

His career now spanning more than 50 years, the artist admits it is sometimes hard to decide what songs to include in his live shows.

"There are obvious songs that I will be playing with my band The Peaceniks: some Daddy Cool songs, some Mondo Rock songs, but I am planning on shaking up the repertoire and putting in some songs I haven't played for a while," he said.

"From an early Mondo Rock album called Primal Park (1978), I am going to get the title track up and running, and a few new songs as well.

"People will get what they expect and hopefully a few unexpected things too."

Ross said the song list varies but the main hits always remain in the list for every show.

"Certain songs people expect and fortunately I like them (laughs).

"I'll always play Eagle Rock; if I don't play that I'd probably get run out of town.

"From Mondo Rock, I always play Cool World and Come Said The Boy, because I love to play them and people love them too, so we all have a good time together."

Ross Wilson said the hits are played in the original arrangements but always adding something interesting for the fans to hear.

"It's a bit of 'don't fix it if it's not broken'," he said.

"In some songs like Come Said The Boy, for instance, there is room at the end of that song with a big guitar solo, and that sometimes can go in different directions, but the basic song is the same.

"Eagle Rock is almost a zen experience. It's a mysterious process. I just play it like the record."

"I play the main riff, I've always played it. And almost nobody else can do it. I have only met one other guy who gets it right (laughs).

Wilson said his new songs tap into new music genres.

"I have a number of sides to my personality; one is the fun-loving side, and it comes out in songs that are all about having a good time," he said.

"But there is also a serious side.

"If you look at my catalogue, there is social comment and other stuff, and giving the times we are living on at the moment, I've been writing a couple like that."

The show will include Eric McCusker on guitar, who was Mondo Rock's guitar and keyboard player between 1980 and 1991.

Ross Wilson started playing music in 1967, and started touring Australia in 1969, becoming a professional musician in 1971.

"I haven't played in Lismore for a while so this gig will be fun," he said.