SEEKING SUPPORT: Emily Perry has taken up the Ration Challenge to raise money to support refugees.
SEEKING SUPPORT: Emily Perry has taken up the Ration Challenge to raise money to support refugees. Chris Ison ROK150617cration2

Rocky woman going without normal food for a week

WHEN Emily Perry alarm goes off tomorrow morning she will begin a week like no other.

A week millions of people know all too well, and one most Australians dare not.

The Rockhampton local is partaking in the Ration Challenge during Refugee Week.


Ration Challenge: Emily Perry is taking the Ration Challenge to raise awareness and money for refugees fleeing war and persecution.

Her diet will consist of rice, flour, lentils, chickpeas, sardines and vegetable oil - the bare minimum - much to her friends and family's concern.

Rest assured, it is all to raise money and awareness for refugees and she is halfway to her goal of $1,500.

"My friends think I am crazy and my boyfriend is quite concerned, but they have all been very supportive," Emily, 26, explained.

"I have always considered myself a humanitarian but never really walked the walk. Now I will literally put my money where my mouth is.

"At first I set a goal of $500 but I easily passed that so I changed it to $1,500. I am at around the $800 mark now."

Emily's challenge is extenuated by her being a vegetarian - meaning the sardines may be inedible.

"I don't really eat rice and I don't know if I will be able to stomach the sardines," she joked.

"I do eat lentils though and I have a couple of recipes up my sleeve for them.

"Lucky with the fund raising goals, you get little rewards. So I have won eight tea bags, 50 grams of sugar and some veges and protein."


  • Rice, flour, lentils, chickpeas, sardines and vegetable oil
  • Next Saturday, $1 for every regular boost juice sold at the Stockland store will go to the cause

Emily, who works at Boost Juice in Stockland, said a fair chunk of her fund raising will come from her store.

Next Saturday for every regular Boost Juice sold, $1 will go towards her cause.

While she knows she will struggle with her temporary diet, if the world becomes more aware, she will be happy.

"When you start talking about Syrian refugees, most people are standoffish," she said.

"But they are just people fleeing from war. And I just want to raise awareness and make people know what is going on in the world.

"Syria is crazy. The towns are shredded, everyone remembers the little boy in the ambulance that was very distressing. It upsets me that people don't care.

"They are people and human beings, race doesn't matter. All those things have urged me to do it."

You can donate to her fundraising page at