Former professional netballers Bianca and Carla are contestants on the 2018 season of The Block. Supplied by Channel 9.
Former professional netballers Bianca and Carla are contestants on the 2018 season of The Block. Supplied by Channel 9.

Reality TV is educational

I MUST come clean. I like reality television: In particular I like The Block.

These shows are good, educational viewing for me as they show me what is important, necessary and desirable in the modern world.

For example, a butler's pantry is a must-have. I don't think it comes with a butler. It's a wee kitchen next to the main kitchen are where something unsightly like vegie chopping goes on.

Dirty dishes might be hidden there because the kitchen itself must always be spotless. Be gone dirty dishes!

On view in the main kitchen on the enormous stone bench you are allowed a chopping board, also two glasses, a wine bottle, cheeses and maybe some muscatel raisins (not grapes - way too commonplace). Flowers are very important. The bigger the bunch, the better. You also need two ovens, two dishwashers and a teppanyaki burner. Don't even contemplate kitchen without a teppan yaki burner.

I have never made teppanyaki. I went out for it once at a fancy Gold Coast restaurant with a man who was trying to catch my attention. It was fun. The skilled teppanyaki chef tossed, flipped and uber fast chopped the food.

Then he flipped a prawn into my cleavage. Oh how we laughed.

So will these teppanyaki burner thingies be used in these ultra-chic kitchens? I privately wonder if the people who have these kitchens cook at all?...they look as if they are designed for eat out/order in/private chef kinda people.

And nothing is cheap because apparently you have to be High End.

Maybe that's what the show is about - creating fantasy worlds. Everything is "styled" and practicality is not important.

On the terraces there were lovely couches with no protection from storm or sun. To me that's madness but I guess if you get a wet couch (that quickly goes mouldy) you simply buy another one.

The life I lead is not styled or spotless. It's messy and lived in and has furniture from my family that has a story or two. Rich in memory - possibly not On Trend.

I am not a teppanyaki girl. I'm not On Trend or High End either. The man who was interested took me out to one flash place after another. I was dazzled for a minute then I regained my senses and came back to my gritty and comfortable life.

But as for the show - I can't wait to see what happens next.