Police warn 'don't do your own backburning'
Police warn 'don't do your own backburning' Richmond Police District

Police concerned over fire panic

AS FIRES continue, Richmond Police District respond to concerns people are engaging in illegally backburning, ignoring roadblocks and spreading untrue claims regarding fires.

"If this is you STOP NOW," Richmond Police District posted on their Facebook earlier today following recent reports of people backburning near bushfires.

Police also warned people about the importance of respecting roadblocks and accessing first-hand information in regards to nearby fires.

"Some people are choosing to ignore roadblocks in order take photos," they shared via a Facebook post.

"Roadblocks are there for a very good reason."

"Not only are you risking your life, but you are placing the lives of Police and RFS at risk when they have to go and rescue you."

In a separate post, Police said people are making 'exaggerated and untrue claims' on local Facebook pages about evacuation points and villages being under risk of burning down.

"Some posts that have been brought to my attention are not true at all and are only causing panic."

"May I suggest you take your information from people who are in the loop and have access to first-hand information."

Myall Creek fire activity has increased, several houses are under threat.

"Police and RFS are bravely defending houses and property."

Kyogle evacuation point is at the Kyogle KMI Hall.

Southern Cross University evacuation point is open. Showers and air conditioned available.

If you see a fire and RFS or police are not there call 000

Police advise residents to watch the RFS Fires Near Me app.

If you see a fire and there are no emergency services nearby call 000.