Plan for maintaining the council's largest asset

AFTER three months I honestly believe that new councillors have a very good picture of everything the Lismore LGA has to offer and why it matters so much that they be involved and informed in making their decisions.

This week we had more briefings on assets.

Put simply that is everything council owns and maintains. The largest asset we have is the 1200km of roads that criss cross our LGA. More than any of our surrounding councils and twice as much as a shire like Ballina.

Fortunately, for residents, our rates are not twice as high as Ballina's. But there has always been a shortfall in funding for roads as councils over the past 50 years added more and more black stuff without a plan to maintain it.

But that stopped six years ago. While it was a tough decision at the time, I led the charge on council to stop it extending the road network. My rationale was simple. If we can't maintain what we have, what are we adding to it? So from that point forward we started to plan well for Lismore's future road needs.

Many residents have been positive about the changes they are now seeing with our roads.

There is more roadwork taking place than any time in the past as we look at sealing roads to stop them needing a rebuild. It ain't sexy, but it is satisfying.

As someone who has lived here all my life, I take a lot of pride in fixing the potholes which became are a regular part of living in Lismore.