VERANDA TALK: Gone are the days of good men's fashion in Lismore.
VERANDA TALK: Gone are the days of good men's fashion in Lismore. Cereal Killer Productions

OPINION: Style, style, style

GENTLEMEN of Lismore I have good news for you, hot off the press, smoking from the keyboard.

The very latest in fashion trends is for men to wear a pinstripe blazer and shorts combined with a lingerie corset and sandals.

Mmmm, very dashing.

If the corset idea doesn't quite grab you, there is a second option.

You could wear stockings, suspenders and knee high boots, but I think here we must draw a line.

Those boots will be simply too hot in our climate and we are very practical here in the sub-tropics.

My helpful suggestion is to keep the stockings and suspenders but substitute the knee high boots for good strong work boots or your all-purpose Crocs.

This would be a fetching combination of earthy practicality and hipster cool.

I know what a fashion forward you lot are, so quite frankly I am looking forward to seeing the menfolk of Lismore in at the car boot or farmers markets in their lingerie corsets and shorts, or Crocs and a stocking suspender combo.

In case you wondered, these clothes are aimed at the everyday bloke, the man in the street.

If you didn't know, it's important to blend under with outerwear.

This, according to my source, is about blurring sophistication with provocation.

I thought we were already doing that with undies hanging out of board shorts and the wearing of singlets with giant armholes.

Could it be that Lismore is ahead of the pack?

I could be an old fashioned gal here, but I am not convinced that I need to see everybody's undies.

I have this weird notion that your briefs and trunks are not really my business.

Maybe I am not sufficiently 'woke'.

Women have been pushed around willy nilly in the fashion world for so long (think one legged jeans and trousers patched with meat) so I for one am very pleased to see men having a turn of being dressed in the impractical and absurd.

But let's just ignore those overseas trends and stick with what we know works.

A classic example of good design is the mullet.

Cool on top and sunsafe on the neck.

Never really gone out of style.

The Cancer Council should be advocating it for everyone.