FILE: Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith and Andrew Walker ahead of the 2019 Eat the Street.
FILE: Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith and Andrew Walker ahead of the 2019 Eat the Street. Alison Paterson

OPINION: Let's grow a stronger and healthier city

NOSE to tail, paddock to plate, leaf to root, top to bottom, beginning to end.

No matter how you slice it, life as we know it now and into the future needs to be about sustaining life and reducing waste.

It was great to be in Casino at the start of this week for the opening of the new Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange.

For Lismore to thrive and grow, we need focus.

That means not doing things the same way we used to.

It also means not doing everything.

Over the past few decades we have seen our passengers go to Ballina and our cattle go to Casino and that is okay.

There are better ways to grow an economy than making everything a competition between the towns that are 30 minutes away from us.

We can focus on what Lismore does well and grow businesses that compliment and support the region.

My week is ending at the Sample food festival, hence the introduction.

So I will be looking at the food from all angles this week.

It is again reinforcing the feedback and information we are getting about agriculture and our future success as a region. Farming and tourists is a real win and that's great for Lismore.

This year's Sample food festival in Bangalow is bigger than ever with more primary producers, restaurants and food entrepreneurs.

Not to mention some great shows and entertainment.

It is the perfect foil to Lismore's award-winning Eat the Street, held six months ago, which brings tens of thousands into the heart of the region.

Working with these big events will strengthen our own, just like working with producers helps with food sustainability.

Lismore, in the heart of our region, needs to be at the heart of agribusiness solutions.

We need to set ourselves the ambitious target of leading the world of sustainable agriculture in the next ten years.

And I don't think there is a thing that can stop us.