HARD WORKERS: Firefighters work to keep a bushfire away from houses.
HARD WORKERS: Firefighters work to keep a bushfire away from houses. Russell Prothero

OPINION: Act now and make a change

FIRE is a devastating enemy.

It is unpredictable and often unstoppable, so I know everyone this week is thinking about the loss being suffered around our regions and across NSW.

More than ever I have heard locals talking about how fortunate we are to live in this little green triangle at the top of the state.

While things are dry here it is certainly very different to the brown and orange hues that intensify as you drive west.

Up on the range this brown is only exacerbated by the holes where water once stood.

Dams are now empty and people are asking questions about how to get through the dry.

Lismore is ready to help where it can and our crews and volunteers are all west of the city making sure houses and people have some support.

Social media is full requests to pray for rain and find solutions, but there are no easy fixes.

I only hope that state and federal governments can start considering the sustainability of regional Australia as a fundamental priority that underpins life in this country.

It is not city vs country, but more sustainable vs unsustainable.

This week as I visited Goonellabah Public School and Souther Cross University, I was struck by the responsibility begin placed on future generations.

Great minds will emerge from the youth of today and hopefully be given opportunities we can't yet see.

But for them to even have a chance, we need to make action now a reality.

Each of us has the choice to make something in their life today more sustainable.

Waste, water, food, transport and so many things can be made more sustainable with simple choices.

Don't look at the problem as too big. Just see one small thing yup can change this week and make it happen.