EXHIBIT: 118th Annual Show Featuring American Soft-feather & Australian Pit Game.
EXHIBIT: 118th Annual Show Featuring American Soft-feather & Australian Pit Game. Amber Gibson

My classic Lismore morning

SATURDAY morning in Lismore. At the ATM I could not remember my Pin. It had simply evaporated from my mind. I use it every day. More than once. Gone. The machine said no. So, no money for me. But I had enough change in my purse for a nice hot drink, so my friend and I went to the Farmers Market at the showground. It was, as unusual, busy and convivial.

She bought me breakfast, thanks, and we sat at a table and watched the passing parade and greeted various friends with their baskets full of vibrant local produce. People were drinking coffee, socialising and shopping. The atmosphere was good. Then in the distance we heard roosters crowing ... something was happening at the poultry pavilion!

We immediately investigated and there were hens and roosters and ducks calling out, as the Lismore Poultry club did a judging. A trip to the poultry pavilion always gladdens my heart. Here are proud roosters fixing you with beady eyes, demure fluffy hens, and the ever adorable Indian Runner ducks. We looked at egg displays and chook after magnificent chook. Glorious.

Across the paddock we saw cattle, so we visited them with their liquid big brown eyes and luscious eyelashes, as they sat patiently. So very pretty. We apologised for not being vegetarians. Finally we left and on the way into town stopped at the lovely and moving war memorial by the old train track. We paid respect to the 145 Lismore men who went to war and never came back.

In South Lismore we stopped at The Fermentary with its glowing jars of pickles, rows of kombucha and other gut-enhancing products. We felt healthy just by entering the shop.

We did a quick detour past the giant fig trees in Wotherspoon Street. Here is a steamy and somewhat mysterious park that makes me think I am on the bayou.

As I drive down from the bridge into town, someone objected to my speed. Apparently I wasn't moving quickly enough, perhaps still thinking about the ducks, chickens and adorable cows. As we went through the roundabout, yelled at me: Ya Dopey Bitch!

So all in all, a classic Lismore morning. And I still couldn't remember my Pin.