Markus Zusak's Bridge of Clay
Markus Zusak's Bridge of Clay

Multi-generational family saga comes to life

THE Dunbar boys bring each other up in a house run by their own rules.

A family of ramshackle tragedy - their mother is dead, their father has fled - they love and fight, and learn to reckon with the adult world.

It is Clay, the quiet one, who will build a bridge; for his family, for his past, for his sins.

He builds a bridge to transcend humanness. To survive.

A miracle and nothing less.

Markus Zusak makes his long-awaited return with a profoundly heartfelt and inventive novel about a family held together by stories, and a young life caught in the current: a boy in search of greatness, as a cure for a painful past.

It has been described as an exquisitely written multi-generational family saga.

"With heft and historical scope, Zusak creates a sensitively rendered tale of loss, grief, and guilt's manifestations,” wrote Publishers Weekly.

The Wall Street Journal wrote: "In 2005, the Australian writer dazzled readers and secured a perch on bestseller lists with The Book Thief ... this book is also a stunner.”

And the Herald Sun wrote: "As with The Book Thief, much of the appeal of the novel lies in Zusak's heartfelt love for his characters and for language. The book sings in short musical sentences like poetry, and words stop you in your tracks.”

Markus Zuzak will be speaking at the Byron Bay Writers Festival, which takes place from August 2-4 at Elements of Byron Resort, Byron Bay.