CALL ME ALBO: Anthony Albanese.
CALL ME ALBO: Anthony Albanese. Leighton Smith

Money for cycling networks please LNP

THANK heavens the election is over.

By now we should know who is running this zoo.

It's a good time to go out and buy a bike - or a new bit of cycling gear - to either celebrate your squad getting to the top of the podium or in commiseration of another four years with someone who loathe up there.

While my budget does not run to another new road bike (and I don't need one, honestly) but my eyes are STILL drawn to the Kiltman's unloved MTB.

He read my column the other month which hinted at bicycle appropriation and he did not appear to be apprehensive.

So, no matter who got in, when you get out on two wheels, be sure to look after your cycling community.

Looking back, here's what they promised.

Labor's major push for cyclists is centred around its pledge of a $260 million National Bike Paths Strategy - essentially a fund to build new bike paths, with a focus on bike tourism and "strategic projects that target missing links", according to a media release from Anthony "call me Albo" Albanese.

The Greens promised $1 billion in funding for bike riders including

1. A network of safe and continuous bicycle routes.

2. Develop end-of-trip facilities (such as showers and lockers) that encourage cycling.

3. Invest in safe and secure bicycle storage at train stations and major hubs.

4. Make cycling safer by creating separated bicycle lanes, prioritising high risk corridors.

5. Boost bike tourism by building regional bike trails and facilities.

Lib's Nat's - Yes, the Coalition's 2019-20 Federal Budget incorporates record funding of $100 billion over 10 years for transport infrastructure, but as Bicycle Queensland points out, "not one dollar has been given specifically to improvements for principal cycling networks."

Thank heavens the Giro is still on.