HERE ON HIS OWN: Australian comedian Merrick Watts.
HERE ON HIS OWN: Australian comedian Merrick Watts. JAMES PENLIDIS PHOTOGRAPHY

Merrick on stage, solo for the very first time

MAN of the Hour is Merrick Watts' first ever solo show.

The man that became a national household name as one half of Merrick and Rosso with Tim Ross is in Lismore for a stand-up performance.

Merrick said the show will have a bit of nostalgia.

"The show is about all the things that have happened to me over my life that have shaped me to become the man that I am now: my family, my kids, my wife, but also my upbringing and particularly I touch on how different is to to be a parent and a child now from when I was a kid," he said.

"In the 1970s and 1980s it was totally expected that you, as a kid, would play with fire.

"I don't even know if my kids have seen fire.

"My kids don't like fires, but when I was their ages, I could have burned the house down."

The comedian said his parents had a very different style to discipline him compared to his own style.

"My son is eight and my daughter is six, so I talk a lot about playgrounds, how they have changed, the politics around them, but even the material they are built from," he said.

"That really resonates with people, because these days you stand of that foamy surface they make playgrounds of and it has nothing to do with the hard and hot surfaces we had to endure when we were kids.

"When I was a kid everything was made out of concrete and of you had a fall you would be hurt horribly... and burnt if it was summer.

"Everything was made out of steel, hard wood, and carcinogens were placed everywhere.

"They were a death trap and if you survived you were a tough kid."

Watts said his show is based on relatable stories like that one which allows people to connect with the comedians and make the stories their own.

"In this show people literally turn to each other and say to their spouses or friends 'me too! That was my life! I was like that!'" he said.

The comedian confirmed that although he has been a stand-up comedian for 24 years, this is his first solo show.

"I was on a duo for such a long period of time, and Rosso and I did so many shows that, once we stopped, I didn't want to do stand up as much," he said.

"Two years ago I decided to go back to stand up again on my own, so I did."

  • At Lismore City Hall as part of Lismore Laughs 2018 tomorrow from 7.30pm. $40. For details visit