New Mayor Of Lismore, Isaac Smith, with wife,... and children....
New Mayor Of Lismore, Isaac Smith, with wife,... and children.... Sophie Moeller

Mayor supports DV forum's 'not okay' call.

BEING in politics is a tough gig. Anyone who says otherwise is telling you porky pies.

The problem with modern politics stems from the idea that we should not see doubt in our leaders.

The idea that they need to always be sure of themselves and confident actually treats them and us like mugs. The opposite of doubt is not confidence, but resignation. The last thing any leader should be is passive and resigned to what is coming.

So I had a tough gig last week I was asked to be the first ever male speaker at Reclaim the Night where women (and a few men) gathered to say violence against women is not ok. Some women didn't want me to speak, some women did.

More than 90% of domestic violence is perpetrated by men on women. What right did I have to stand there? Who was I representing? A modern politician would have gone into that situation confidently, claiming the space and showing determination.

But I went in there with doubt. I went in asking the difficult questions of myself. What that approach did was allow me to connect with the people gathered so that they understood that their doubts, were also my doubts. And that together we ask the questions to find answers and make change happen. These women are powerful. I also had the honour of attending the thanksgiving service for Auntie Dorrie.

As an Aboriginal elder and Uniting Church minister, she has led her mob and ours for many years. Thank you Auntie.