The wreckage of Mr Sleight’s truck.
The wreckage of Mr Sleight’s truck.

Man survives truck crash down cliff, climbs back to road

A MAN has survived a terrifying crash over a cliff west of Brisbane and managed to climb about 40m back to the road to get help.

James Sleight was driving a pantech truck, with a 21-foot caravan in tow, to the Samford Show last Thursday morning when his brakes failed coming down Mt Glorious, about 14km from Samford.

Mr Slight a Perth-based ventriloquist and puppeteer who performs his Dinkum Dinosaurs act on the show circuit, told Quest Newspapers he couldn't get his truck around one particularly difficult corner - but was unaware of the steep drop to the left, that he later estimated to be at 40-60m. 

So he got a shock when he went over the edge, about 50m uphill of Warwick's Corner.

Miraculously, he escaped with a slight scratch on his head, a couple of little marks on his hands and a bruised cheek. He crawled out of the truck, dragged himself up the cliff and waited for paramedics at the top.

But the truck had been "peeled open" and the caravan "smashed to smithereens".

Luckily the puppets he needed for the core of the show could be recovered and he was able to perform at the Samford Show on Saturday and Sunday.