Lismore has moved up in hierarchy of needs

IF YOU take into account the behavioural classification of 1940s psychologist, Abraham Maslow, Lismore has come a long way since the dark days of the 2017 flood.

According to Maslow's Hierachy of Needs, our city was operating at the bottom of his classification of human motivation.

The electricity was well and truly out as the waters rose up the Bruxner Highway. We were in survival mode.

It is worth taking a moment to reflect on the significance of the announcement this week that NORPA is to get a million dollars in government funding to upgrade City Hall. Very soon, Lismore will literally be up in lights, with its own "Vegas Sign”, as you pass on that Bruxner Highway. Not only will it let us know what's going on in the hood, but it will also help the emergency services inform us if, and when, those waters are on their way over the Ballina Bridge.

What this announcement means is, Lismore has got its mojo back. On the hierarchy of needs, it is has self-esteem.

Culturally, Lismore is ready to, entertain its citizens once more and come together to celebrate life again. NORPA's 2019 season promises to be a humdinger.