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KFC fried for sexually suggestive Hot & Spicy Twitter ad

KFC Australia is getting fried over a sexually suggestive Twitter ad.

The company yesterday posted an image of a couple sitting on the couch with a sexually suggestive blur and the words: "WARNING: #NSFW. Something hot and spicy is coming soon..."

But within an hour the tweet had been deleted after the world responded - with criticism.

"Ok I know it's just chicken but it's still wildly inappropriate, your ad designer needs to be fired," Twitter user Davis Anderson wrote.

"Seriously guys, is your marketing team 12 years old?" Layla Bax wrote on Twitter.

Twitter user Anthony Lopez wrote: "Are you crazy?!"

Last night the company issued an apology following the backlash.

"We are very sorry for our earlier tweet on H&S - we didn't mean to offend and removed it when we realised we'd made an error in judgment," KFC Australia tweeted.

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But not everyone was offended by the tweet. 

"Forget the people with no sense of humor. Repost that pic. Funny as hell!" wrote Twitter user Punk Curmudge.

"Someone will be fired for this but it's great," said Mike Cernovich on Twitter.