HERE TO STAY: Dusty Attic co-owner Kate Stroud is thrilled the new music bar and cafe has been nicknamed the 'Lismore Lounge'.
HERE TO STAY: Dusty Attic co-owner Kate Stroud is thrilled the new music bar and cafe has been nicknamed the 'Lismore Lounge'. Marc Stapelberg

Kate calls for more space in the attic

KATE Stroud knew she was "cooking with gas” when an agent approached her about booking an international act at The Dusty Attic Music Lounge.

She is thrilled the word has gotten out about Lismore's coolest music establishment, less than a year since she and her team opened its doors on Woodlark St.

When award-winning Southern Californian soul and R&B artist Jamie Allensworth's people called she thought: 'wow this is incredible'.

"He's great and we are one of the few venues who have been included on his Australian tour,” Ms Stroud said. "People are clearly aligned with our venue, seeking us out and that is really exciting.”

Allensworth comes to Dusty Attic in Lismore.
Allensworth comes to Dusty Attic in Lismore.

The gig however, is not without some frustration, as it is clear The Dusty Attic is not yet operating to its true potential.

Ms Stroud said while she was achieving her vision for the venue she was doing so in a 'limited capacity by still operating out of one room'.

She said major renovations were needed to make sure the building was in line with "the red tape that is required to be cut through to make it the establishment it should be”.

"We have the demand, the wants, the drive, inspiration, programming and the musicians, it is now all about capital for the infrastructure.”

As it is, there are nights when she is having to turn people away from the door.

"Lismore is still recovering from collective trauma of the flood and the economic landscape is difficult,” she said,

"Finding capital to expand has proved a challenge.”

But now that people know The Dusty Attic is here to stay, Kate said she was ready to launch a crowd funding campaign to raise much needed funds to expand the rest of the property that once operated as a bus and coach depot.

"People know we are putting on some really good acts, we're consistent and what we are offering is not fleeting, we are here to stay.

"We understand that people need to feel that before they invest, but it is now time to put it out there.

"We are putting on good acts and we know people will bloody well come to Lismore if they have the right place to go.”

To donate you can go to: https://www.gofundme. com /dusty-attic-music- lounge-community- expansion


  • Jamie Allensworth and his eponymous musical collective fuse rock and soul with true-life anthemic song writing. His playbook dives into the soul tradition of James Brown, Otis Redding and Curtis Mayfield, and updates that tradition along the lines of Alabama Shakes, Michael Kiwanuka, with an added psychedelic twist.

Allensworth plays the Dusty Attic on Wednesday, May 15 - $15.

  • Lismore's winner of the Young Singer Songwriter Competition Mykaela Jay will also be playing at The Dusty Attic. Mykaela's weaving lyrics and jazz/folk line speak to the unjustices of our time.

Mykaela's harmonic Birdsong Show on Friday May 31 from 8pm. Reserve tickets