It's a long game, tending the vegie patch

I SERIOUSLY stuffed up this week in my daughter's vegie patch. I took some bok choy, steamed it, added soy sauce and served it with pork for dinner. I thought she would be really chuffed her hard earned toil in the soil ended up as a lovely plate on the table. Not so. In my inspirational haste to create something from what was in season (instead of taking a few leaves) I over zealously took the whole mother plant. She was not happy. You can get instant gratification from buying a mother plant in the supermarket but that's not how is goes in the sustainable world of the vegie patch.

There has been a lot of talk about how unrepresentative the questions were on the Lismore Q&A. It was too drought-oriented, said Michael Balderstone, in his letter-to-the-editor (p22). "What about the out-of-control land clearing, deforestation and sheep and cattle industries, which still dominate our landscape”, he wanted to know.

I watched the 730 Report recently about drought affected farmers and how they had to knock trees over to feed their beloved stock. They didn't understand some decisions by law-makers against clearing. It was a heart-wrenching expose.

I do hope we can find a way of plucking leaves so we can feed ourselves without doing irreversible damage to our patch. Surely we are clever enough?