SUPERSTAR: Adelmo Fornaciari, known as Zucchero (Italian for 'sugar'), is an Italian singer-songwriter and musician who has sold 60 million albums in a 30-year career.
SUPERSTAR: Adelmo Fornaciari, known as Zucchero (Italian for 'sugar'), is an Italian singer-songwriter and musician who has sold 60 million albums in a 30-year career.

Italian superstar to bring his sweet hits to Bluesfest

THE word 'zucchero' is Italian for sugar, but Zucchero is the equivalent of music.

Adelmo Fornaciari, known as Zucchero, is an Italian music superstar with a 30-year career at the top of the English, Italian and Spanish rankings with his mix of Blues, Gospel, Soul and rock.

He has collaborated with artists such as Paul Young (Senza Una Donna / Without a Woman), Eric Clapton, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, B B King, Sting, Bono, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli and many more.

Zucchero will bring all his old hits and new music from his recent release, D.O.C. to Australia, particularly to Bluesfest Byron Bay, this April.

Speaking from Italy, the artist said he is looking forward to his first Bluesfest experience.

What can we expect of your Bluesfest / Australian shows?

We are still working on the show aspects so I cannot confirm 100 per cent at this stage how many people I will have on the stage.

I will definitely do a couple of new songs from the D.O.C. album, for sure, and then I will also do a mixture of tracks from my older albums.

What is the story behind the song Vittime del Cool/ Victims Of Cool from your latest album?

Victims Of Cool is me talking about how we're being invaded by surface appearances, by what's 'cool' by the way of fake, by petty-minded respectability and the underlying pain of living with loneliness.

I want to talk about being genuine and authentic not surrounded by 'cool fakeness'; it's more substance.

Also from D.O.C., what is the song La Canzone Che Se Ne Va / The Song that Goes Away, about?

I compare the song with somebody that loved you. As soon as I have written a song, the song is free and goes away and is not mine anymore. It's for everybody. This could make you sad, could make you happy and it can come in the night like a sensual caress. The song in the end can become a light in the dark.

How did you choose the songs for D.O.C.? Were they written at the same time?

When I had finished writing the lyrics, I selected 11 tracks from over 40 demos I had been working on. I read them again and it was like I had been in a trance when I was writing them. I discovered that each track shows signs of the first steps towards redemption!

Will you sing in Italian and English here?

I will sing in Italian and English over in Australia.

You have collaborated with many artists, including some Australians, such as Tina Arena and Byron-resident Toni Childs. Any chance of Australian artists featuring in any future releases?

Yes, I have collaborated with a lot of artists over the years; friends and artists I respect.

I don't know if I will work with Australian artists in the future, who knows - these things come together unexpectedly and are not always planned.

A former American backup singer of yours, Lisa Hunt, is a very well reputed entertainer living in this area. Is there a chance you will invite her to be part of your show?

Ah! I didn't know she was living there. I will certainly look her up and invite her to the shows!

Bluesfest Byron Bay will be held at Tyagarah Nature Reserve from April 9 to 14, 2020.