NEWLY ELECTED Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith.
NEWLY ELECTED Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith. Marc Stapelberg

Isaac Smith online: Council queries here, cat pictures there

NEWLY elected Mayor of Lismore, Isaac Smith, has started to set up his own online platform to liaise with the community.

After Jenny Dowell disconnected her Facebook account yesterday, leaving half of Lismore in online limbo, many locals were left wondering where to submit their queries, complaints and ideas.

But different to former Cr Dowell, Cr Smith will not be using his personal Facebook account, but his existing public page.

Earlier today, Cr Smith posted:

"As the new Mayor of Lismore I have been getting a lot of friend requests, which is awesome and I love you for it Lismore.

"But I know a lot of people will want to talk about Lismore and not look at pictures of my pets and family events. If that is you please friend my professional page: Mayor Isaac Smith."

"If you want to see pictures of my cat, continue as you were."

The post on his personal Facebook profile attracted a number of responses from friends, and in true Facebook spirit, most of them posted pictures of cats.

Cr Smith's page featured today a list of the official new and returning Lismore councillors.

Asked via Facebook if he wanted his online presence to be as important as former Cr Dowell's, he said he will be available on Facebook and Instagram.

"It will be as big as I can muster, but no working person could possibly be everywhere like Jenny. So I relish the challenge and look forward to connecting with so many more locals," he said.

"(I) love Instagram, so that's a new area people can connect with the mayor. I am getting into Snapchat as well and what ever comes next," he said.

Cr Smith's Instagram handle is @mrlismore and, disappointingly, only features a couple of cat pictures.