Lismore Base Hospital.
Lismore Base Hospital. Marc Stapelberg

'Hospital managers will have to empty their own bins': Union

OFFICES for hospital management are about to get pretty dirty with work bans on their cleaning and deliveries about to take place.

Workers are upset at the staff shortage crisis not being dealt with properly and have prioritised their work to the management offices in Crawford House to be of the lowest priority.

Health Service Union NSW secretary, Gerard Hayes said earlier this week Local Health District management offered to make only minor changes to rostering arrangements.

"For wardpersons...extra shifts (were) scheduled during the week but at the cost of shifts on Saturday and Sunday,” he said.

"This change equates to the addition of just 0.6 of a full-time employee.

"The LHD also offered one additional cleaner, rather than the three additional cleaners which workers argue is necessary.”

He said the LHD's proposed solution was nothing more that robbing Peter to pay Paul, and failed to address the chronic staffing issues that have plagued the hospital since the opening of new wards.

"Workers have been put in a situation where they have no choice but to make their own decisions about priorities for cleaning and servicing in the hospital,” Mr Hayes said.

"That's why HSU members have decided to introduce their own 'traffic light' system to determine which duties can and will be undertaken on each day, determined by an assessment of the level of need.

"Cleaning and deliveries to the management offices in Crawford House will automatically be declared the lowest priority, and will not be undertaken.”

HSU demands

. 3 new cleaning positions, one of those position being a Monday to Friday floor cleaner;

. 2 new wardsperson positions, one morning wardsperson, one afternoon wardsperson; and

. An independent staffing review with terms of reference agreed upon by both parties.