STARS: Captain Corcoran (Dane Bodley) and Buttercup (Kristen Lodge).
STARS: Captain Corcoran (Dane Bodley) and Buttercup (Kristen Lodge). Mike Sheehan

HMS Pinafore is sailing and the drama is real

BALLINA Players presents the musical comedy, HMS Pinafore, by Gilbert and Sullivan, directed and choreographed by Jaime Sheehan, musical directors, Warwick Binney and Marie Caldwell.

This is not your traditional Gilbert & Sullivan production.

Originally produced in the 1870s as a comic opera, a much up to date version was created by Essgee Productions.

The story takes place aboard the HMS Pinafore.

Captain Corcoran's daughter, Josephine, is in love with a lower-class sailor, Ralph Rackstraw, although her father intends her to marry Sir Joseph Porter, the First Lord of the Admiralty.

She abides by her father's wishes at first, but Sir Joseph's philosophy of all men being equal, encourages Ralph and Josephine to overturn conventional social order.

They declare their love for each other and eventually plan to elope.

Buttercup (Kristen Lodge) is a dockside vendor and is besotted with the captain of the ship.

Captain Corcoran (Dane Bodley) tells her that he would have returned her love long ago if they were not so far apart in social class.

Tickets for this show are available at or at Just Funkin' Music in River St ($2/ticket booking fee).

Tickets are $30 and $22. Opening night offers canapes and a drink from 7.15pm.