High five all you awesome women out there

ABOUT half way through the week I was struck by how many awesome women I seemed to be featuring in The Echo this week.

The weekend began with Wonderbabes in The Quad. Kate McDowell is one of the most powerful performers I have ever experienced.

I then met up with Dr Hosseini and her protege, Nona (page 5), who are both women deeply influenced by Lismore but doing great things in the world.

Nothing could have prepared me for Anne Thompson's energy and community spirit (page 3). For the past 24 years she has been spreading her influence throughout Australia sending donations to drought affected farmers. She still regularly does a jazzercise class at Eltham Hall. She is 80 and I could hardly keep up with her as I helped unload boxes of food at one of her drop off points.

For those women who are not aware of the Lismore Women's Health Resource Centre in Uralba St, go and drop in - a kinder, more supportive group of women, you are not likely to meet.

Finally, Jenny Dowell, did it again. She slam-dunked the final question on QandA with a response to how "We could make Australian farmers great again like in America.”

There was nothing Australia had to do to be like America at the moment, she said, before turning to Joel Fitzgibbon and giving him a high five. In that gesture she said so much about all the female role models representing our region.