The first of Jyllie Jackson's Lantern Parade updates for 2019.
The first of Jyllie Jackson's Lantern Parade updates for 2019.

Here we go! Lantern Parade 2019

WELCOME to the first Lismore Lantern Parade Update, doesn't time fly?

Less than two months to go...

This year we are very excited to be celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Were you there at the first lantern parade? Let us know if you were, as an adult or a babe in arms, we'd love to hear from you, contact us via our website, Facebook or email.

We have lots of exciting new elements, as well as new lanterns this year, so watch this space or our website for news and how to get involved.

The festival will run over three days, the main focus will be in the Quad again, but wait there's more .... We'll tell you soon!

Our theme this year, apart from celebrating our birthday, is Rivers of Light, which is an expression of the hundreds of lantern processions we have created across Australia over the last 25 years, and their return to their source - Lismore!

There are so many ways to be involved:

Market delight - have you applied to set up a yummy food stall yet this year? Applications are open for round two. Head to the website to apply.

School workshops - Please send in your booking form asap. If your school has not received an invitation to participate, please get in touch.

Community lantern project - Did your organisation or group carry a lantern in the parade last year? Now is the time to choose your lantern for this year's celebration. Applications on the website or through Facebook.

Volunteers - we have lots of opportunities to be involved. Give us a call!

There will be so much more.

Contact us on 0412732102 (business hours please) Facebook: lismorelanternparade

Email website lanternparade

So exciting to reach 25 years.

Come and help us celebrate.