Give me wonder please, because I have no clue

THE movie Deadpool was on in the background over the weekend. I happened to catch a scene in passing in which the superhero was caught in a submissive position to the leading lady - let's just say, in a full -on way. I turned to my husband and said: isn't that one of our kids' favourite movies (my two youngest were 13 and 15 when it came out). He gave a resigned nod.

I am no prude but in that moment, I understood how hard it must be for our kids out there entering into consenting adultland.Where does it all begin and end?

I thought I was doing the right thing when asked by my children about the best time to start having sex. I told them: "when you having feelings for the person and they are reciprocated; that way you won't feel like you are giving anything away”. According to most young people, na ah, this is the wrong answer.... Expecting that is to invite yourself to the pariah party for a very long time. Much better to wear little, attract lots and get through the morning-after fast.

I am so looking forward to Wonderbabes, taking place in The Quad this week. Frankly I know what Kate McDowell's parents must be going through. But I feel I need some clues. If I start talking about the jungle out there as if I understand it, maybe the world of adult non-risk-taking will become interesting and edgy.