Fresh Transit Centre for our new bus service

IN THE past months, since Lismore has become a notable food destination, I have been talking to our local cafe owners and restaurateurs, and the one thing they all say is: "we need better transport in and out of Lismore”.

They want our bars, pubs, food outlets, venues and theatres to all thrive and they want people to come eat, drink, and be merry, and not necessarily have to drive home again.

So I was so excited to see a new express bus service operating between the coast and the city via the hinterland townships and extending out to the uni.

So for all of us who have complained about not being able to get around the Northern Rivers (especially our kids) let's support this service.

We've got six months.

While at the Transit Centre waiting to get my photo of the 641X service for the front, I took the opportunity to check out the amenities at The Transit Centre. I was so pleased to discover the toilets have been given a fresh paint, the smell that was permeating from the cubicles is gone and the latrine in the baby change rooms was filled with bright blue sanitised water. A stark contrast to the filthy state I found them in last July.

Bravo council for acting to ensure our public conveni- ences are up to scratch for when the buses come in.