Sophie Moeller, Lismore Echo Editor. Photo Cathy Adams / The Northern Star
Sophie Moeller, Lismore Echo Editor. Photo Cathy Adams / The Northern Star Cathy Adams

For the love of parent sanity, bring in trains

THANK YOU Beth Shelley for your Letter to the Editor this week.

Your point about the need for trains in our region has been on my radar but not for the same altruistic reasons as you state (see page 20).

The lack of accessible transport in the region is ruining my Saturday nights. It is also creating tension.

Our teenagers can't get out and socialise without a band of Uber-parents taxiing them to various parties, gatherings or movie sessions each weekend.

There simply isn't a bus after dark, let alone a train to take them anywhere.

The task of transporting groups of otherwise bored youths invariably falls to a few responsible adults. We are all secretly drawing straws not to have to do the late shift.

This leads me to the guilt you feel when your child seems to have been the beneficiary of more late-night pick ups than you have offered in return. Martyr mums can be passive-aggressive at times, which leads to tension with your own child.

"Mum, it's your turn,” my daughter will often say as I slope off to fill my glass with wine.

My husband waxes lyrical about the "good old days” in Lismore when he used to catch the train to Byron.

I can't help thinking our nightspots and NORPA are also missing out on patronage from the coast.

There is a lot here that trumps life in metropolitan cities but when it comes to access, we are missing out.