ONGOING TRAGEDY: Dr Airdre Grant discusses fires and skin tight shorts and said there are far more important things.
ONGOING TRAGEDY: Dr Airdre Grant discusses fires and skin tight shorts and said there are far more important things. Caitlan Charles

Fires and skin-tight shorts

A SMOKE haze hangs over Lismore.

I have been outside filling up various bowls, nooks and crannies with water to make sure my local fauna can stay hydrated especially with more heat to come.

The birds come to the birdbath, the geckos creep around the rocks and the blue tongue inches cautiously toward the water bowl.

Terania Creek, Tuntable Fall and other places close to town have been under evacuation orders.

The local show grounds of Nimbin and Lismore are taking in families, stock, poultry and anyone who needs shelter.

The community is doing its best to support each other in this perilous and ongoing time.

It's frightening. People have been in tears; shocked and overwhelmed by the enormity of the event.

The loss of homes, stock, the devastation to native animals and much more has been tragic. And its not yet summer.

As I researched this I discovered that some fashion influencers are also devastated.

This is because they were simply unable to get their hands on the latest skin-tight shorts.

These are a 'must have' look to 'spice things up'. They are also 'squat proof' (don't even think about that).

The skin-tight shorts are available in animal prints and, should you so choose, a simple beige, so you can walk around looking naked and sharing the contours of your privates with the world. Hmm.

Apparently, the unavailability of said shorts has been utterly heartbreaking and devastating for the self-appointed fashion leaders of our modern world.

I should perhaps be more generous and think if it makes you happy to strut around in the closest fitting and anatomy outlining shorts you can squeeze into, well who I am to judge?

But I do.

I am not even close to saint-like patience and all-encompassing acceptance and think that there are much, much more important things to be concerned with and that devastation is a word that belongs in fire and flood crisis, not shopping dilemmas.

We are heading into a summer of unbearable heat, the fires are raging, the rivers are drying up, native animals are dying and 'influencers' are deeply upset about not being able to buy skin-tight shorts.

I shook my head and went out to watch the skies and see if there was any change.

There was even more smoke over the town.

I guess it always comes down to the same thing- you do the best you can with your little patch, to protect wildlife and minimise your impact on the suffering earth.

And hope and pray that the rains will come soon.