HURRY UP: Texting is about impatience.
HURRY UP: Texting is about impatience.

Do you make decisions, or dither?

THERE are some people who are excellent decision makers. Got a choice? Boom! Decision made! Moving right along. Others dither, wring their hands and worry over decisions.

To my chagrin, I fall into the second camp. I can mill around for a long time. For ages. If it drives you crazy, think what it does for me as I agonise, fret and fuss about for so long that I become paralysed by indecision. It's no picnic being a ditherer.

I envy the clear, swift, ruthlessness of the decision makers. They don't stuff around and they don't look back.

They have no regrets as they sail boldly through life. They sneer at us ditherers as we weigh things up. Make up your mind! they snap.

This attitude doesn't help. It merely creates the need for secrecy and sneaky behaviours where dithering cannot be commented on. And I do wonder, she says daringly, are they always right? Just asking.

On the other hand, I am excellent at leaving. When I say I am going, do I then start another conversation or hang around the door indulging in chat? I do not. Before you can say Jack Robinson I'm gone. You won't see me for dust. Those who specialise in the lengthy goodbye, the drawn out exit, well they drive me nuts.

Speed in decisions, the ability to make swift exits also leads into consideration of another kind of necessity of speediness - responding to texts.

Texting and impatience go hand in hand. It does drive everyone nuts when a text is not responded to instantly. But this picture offers a good re-framing when that happens.

Maybe everyone should just calm down.

A friend told me of her recent three-day camping holiday where there was no technology and, wait for it, people played games, sang around campfires, talked to teach other and generally had a really good time, all without a whiff of technology.

They may have even made decisions (probably about what to eat) and everyone left at the same time. No dithering and no pressure. Ah, now you're talking.