Couple walk down the aisle as kids then get married 20 years later

Couple walk down aisle as kids, marry 20 years later

IT's a love story nearly two decades in the making.

In 1995, two toddlers walked down the aisle as a ring bearer and flower girl.

Now 20 years later, they have walked down the aisle again but this time to tie the knot.

A touching video uploaded to YouTube shows the Minnesota couple, Brittney and Briggs tottering down the aisle as kids followed by footage of them heading to the alter as adults on January 12 to become man and wife.

YouTube account user Samantha Merker wrote in the description on the video: "Fate, or whatever you want to call it, can be a crazy thing -- for a couple in Minnesota, it brought them back down the aisle 20 years later.

"In any good love story there's always that moment when a chance encounter becomes something more."