CHALLENGE: Richmond Valley in the 2017 council race at Woodburn.
CHALLENGE: Richmond Valley in the 2017 council race at Woodburn. Susanna Freymark

Council pride at stake in paddle challenge

THERE is nothing like a friendly rivalry.

Two opponents trying to get the best of each other, but in a way where a victory doesn't mean the loser is any less able.

And so it is with the annual council challenge at the Woodburn Riverside Festival.

Lismore and Richmond Valley, coming head to head for the glory of a small wooden trophy and bragging rights to the river for the next 12 months.

The honour of North Woodburn is at stake, so the general manager, myself, Councillor Marks and another staff member will hold our heads high above the water as we paddle and puzzle our way to an empiric victory (maybe).

We have never gone back to back before.

Could this be our year?

Apart from the fun of the council challenge, there is a whole day of activity for families to enjoy.

The riverside, as many will have seen, has had a total revamp.

Gone is the old buildings and sunken grassy slopes.

Replaced with a new terraced foreshore and sandy beach (yes brand new sand).

The new information centre is asking holiday peeps to stop on their journey north or south and there is sure to be rides and entertainment all day long.

This is the best of Woodburn in their annual event, so it is certainly worth a visit to support our neighbours.

Make it a stop on your weekend trip the beach and you won't regret it.

Much like the team from Lismore won't regret putting Richmond Valley to the sword once again this year in our challenge.

Sure it's good natured, but we still want Lismore to win.

C'mon Lismore City!