Sophie Moeller
Sophie Moeller Contributed

Conflict makes good TV but not good kids

DRAMA swarms around a bully and it is hard not to be sucked into the orbit. We all want to be loved and see it as a triumph to turn a bully in our favour.

I've seen bullies in operation around my daughters. I am always thankful when the bully periodically turfs them out of the social hive. The girls seem so much happier on the outside, free of torment.

I read this week police have been concerned about anti-social behaviour in The Quad on weekends and it makes me wonder what needs to be done.

In a world where the likes of Alan Jones can push up his ratings on his radio show by finding topics - such as advertising on the Sydney Opera House - to create conflict, we need to find good role models.

As far as I could make out, his recent interview with SOH CEO, Louise Herron, resulted in no new information about the decision to promote the Everest Thoroughbred race on its sails. Every time she tried to talk, he shot her down. But it worked.

The debate has raged all week.

Conflict might make for good television but I wonder if it makes for kind kids?

I was horrified to discover the two-year- old son of Connor McGregor was ringside for the brawl at the recent Ultimate Fighting Championships in Las Vegas.

Write if you know of a role model in the community who gets the job done with dignity.