TROUPE: The Humans of Lismore are a comedy rock band.
TROUPE: The Humans of Lismore are a comedy rock band. Kalem Horn

Comedy and music merge in THOLidarity

COMEDY rock band The Humans of Lismore (THOL) presents Tholidarity, a comedy show featuring the music of Jex Lopez, interviews with Lismore Lantern Parade's Jilly Jackson and former mayor Jenny Dowell plus a number of comedy and burlesque performances.

Jex Lopez will bring her own style of electro-acoustic Latin cabaret born of her Sydney queer cabaret past.

The show will be a chance to to hear first songs from her upcoming album, Playing Dead, launching next month in Sydney and Lismore.

She weaves dark and quirky stories using intelligent and irreverent lyrics sung with powerhouse delivery and haunting Latin overtones.

Two of her songs were nominated in the Dolphin Awards last year in the Alternative and Jazz categories.

THOL is an original comedy punk/rock outfit, focused on local satire and specialising in the art of the live entertainment variety show.

Showcased in Tholidarity this month will be comedians King George and Devi Thomas, plus a monologue by Samma Jurd, burlesque dance by Tiffany Blue, a twirling show by Spin Fire and Flow and a dance troupe by Wild and Foxy Burlesque.

The Humans of Lismore will also be playing some of their comedy rock tunes.

John Lush is back as the MC to guide audiences through the night's entertainment, with Isaac Vincent on snarky remarks and violin, Michael Cowin and Julian McPherson on guitar, Scott Vidler on bass, Matthew Roach on drums, and Kazya-K on vocals.