Lismore Echo launches new-look website
Lismore Echo launches new-look website Sophie Moeller

Change is always good when function improves

WE ARE in the middle of renovations at home at the moment and I love that feeling of anticipation when you are returning from work and wondering how it will all look with that wall gone, the new floor in or taps mounted.

It's a feeling of renewal and change and is good if it adds function to your life.

It's been with the same anticipation I have waiting to see what the new Lismore Echo online news site would look like. There has been a lot of revamping of mastheads since News Corp bought APN, and that feeling of renewal is very revitalising.

And there is no greater place for functionality than on a website.

We all know that feeling when you click on something, and you are not taken to where you want to go, or you waste heaps of time not being able to go back a step to where you were. Navigating online platforms are one place where you do not want to think, you just want it to do. So check out our story on what the site can now do on page 7 and then go check out the site. Sometimes we do not like change but, I think in this case, you will be pleasantly surprised.

I hope you also like the coverage of our One Year On celebration in The Quad. Talk about renewal. As Elly Bird says: Lismore, you are "connected”, "resilient” and truly amazing.