Bravo Jenny, retirement suits you well

IT was touching to watch a television special on Adele and hear her speak about her "hometown”, the subject of the first song she wrote at16.

Even as a megastar, she spoke of how she drove past the park she grew up in playing her guitar to friends and burst into tears.

It occurred to her those days, and those friends, were gone. She went on to say her life had changed beyond recognition but she would always be the same person she was back then.

This brought home to me how the day-to-day lives of the rich and famous can be very different from what the public projects onto them.

To stay grounded as a superstar requires the ability to not believe in your own publicity.

Jenny Dowell is not a superstar but she was a much-loved and high-profile mayor of our city. It was so lovely to hear she is surprised by the public's occasional breakout of affection for her in retirement.

It makes you realise as mayor, she was going about her community service for all the right reasons. She has slipped out of the role with the same dignity she came into it.

But you never know ... she is about to take to the stage at the Rochdale Theatre (page 3) in a production of The Cagebirds next month.

Could be sky's the limit for our former mayor.

Break a leg, Jenny!