BLOOD CYCLE: Cycling to your local blood bank is a great idea but take it easy on the ride home.
BLOOD CYCLE: Cycling to your local blood bank is a great idea but take it easy on the ride home. Alison Paterson

Blood cycle worth the ride

LAST Saturday I was happily cycling along Wyrallah Road heading for the wide blue horizon when I remembered an appointment at the Blood Bank.

Being possessed of the extremely popular A+ red stuff, there had been a call-out earlier in the week and I'd agreed to pop in for some of their excellent coffee.

So I swung around and popped home, grabbed some extra New Yorker magazines to donate to their reading pile and moseyed on in.

However, being in such a rush I had forgotten to have breakfast (unless five espressos counts? They thought not.)

Anyhow, my blood sugar was tickety-boo so in 10 minutes I'd given my pint (is blood still measures in imperial like surfboard length?) and was enjoying a coffee and sultanas.

By now it was 9am and too late and unwise for an intense distance cycle so I contended myself with a quick flip through the local op-shops.

Thank you Vinnies for allowing me to park my bike inside as I had forgotten my bike lock.

It's not something I carry when on a longer ride and I headed home. And even better, they did not sell it when my back was turned.)

But, and I can hear you waiting for the but, along Wyrallah Road, I felt a bit off.

So of course I called the patient Kiltman, who stopped working on the deck or building another model aircraft or teaching the pup how to chew my shoes or whatever he does when I'm out cycling, and he collected me, bike and all.

It was a lesson in remembering I'm not super-human and perhaps breakfast is more important than I thought.

So tell me, what's your go-to brekkie meal ahead of a long ride?

Photos and recipes please and I'll publish them as they come in.

Meanwhile, if you have not donated blood or plasma in a while or even never before, it's a great way to help your community, get a free health check and you never know when you or someone you love might need some red stuff.

Just have breakfast first.

Big wheels support

Some of the top names in Australian cycling are supporting a move to bring all disciplines of cycling under one organisation.

A few days ago luminaries including Anna Meares, Mathew Hayman, Caroline Buchanan, Troy Brosnan, Matthew Keenan, and Robbie McEwen said they supported the proposed structure which aims to amalgamate the 19 organisations that currently deliver the sport in Australia into one centralised entity.

Benefits include one membership for multiple disciplines and elimination of the bureaucracy involved with servicing 19 boards at various levels in Australia.