WELCOME DISTRACTION: Taking the chook pen duties over bike repairs.
WELCOME DISTRACTION: Taking the chook pen duties over bike repairs. cynoclub

Bike repairs call for avoidance tactics

HOW many bicycles is too many?

The wildly varying weather at the moment cases me to think I need another road bike.

Not because I covet the latest gizmo-packed racing machine.

No because I'm sick to death of having to change road tyre to the blue tyre I use when I'm on the trainer.

Such a first world problem.

Because, let's face it, I don't even change my own, the Kiltman steps up and stages an intervention any time I do anything beyond pumping up the tyres, recharging the lights and computer or cleaning the chain.

Thank goodness.

This is not because I'm lazy, simply because he understands basic bike mechanics whereby I simply want to scream when the bloody whatsit won't work.

I'd rather dig a new garden bed, clean out the chook house or chop firewood than try to do basic velo repair.

For more serious stuff, I head to my local bike shop and get the experts to sort it out.

But back to how many bikes we need versus want.

My old hybrid bike I bought second-hand when an acquaintance's teenage son begged for a bike then two months later disdained rising because he was onto the next exciting thing.

She's a cracker to get about on to the library, shopping or catch up with friends and I'm happy to use my bike lock and leave her secured while I flit about.

Whereas I take my road bike everywhere - even when I went to pro-poll to vote I took her indie, much the consternation of the electoral staff.

Maybe I just need to get over myself and learn how to switch tyres or wheels.

Tell me how you balance out your trainer versus road riding Alison.paterson@