GET GOING: Bike riding is a great a way to get around.
GET GOING: Bike riding is a great a way to get around. Travel Centre

Bicycle City Index: how do we rate?

LAST week the new Bicycle Cities Index was announced which revealed the rankings of 90 global cities to determine which one is best for those of us who love our bikes.

The envelope please...

So you won't be shocked when I say surprise, surprise that European cities rule the top places on the podium.

First place went to Utrecht in the Netherlands with 77.84/100.

The highest ranked Australian city was Melbourne at number 20 (42.54/100), with Sydney sliding into 40th place (35.57).

I've lived and in both cities for years and commuted up and down it's main roads and tell you right now, Lismore is far better.

Copenhagen my second favourite city to ride in after Paris, France came in 4th place (60.46) and 32nd (33.53/100) respectively.

BCI which is the brainchild of insurance tech start-up, Coya closely looks at many factors to determine just how bike-friendly a city it.

The researchers delve into how easy, attractive and convenient it is to ride a bike there as well as sussing out the safety issues.

Also under their velo-microscopes is the quality (or lack of) of infrastructure, bike sharing opportunities and special bike events and weather conditions.

This index is a good way to illustrate the integrated approach our decision makers need to make to get more people riding.

While separated and connected infrastructure is incredibly important, it cannot be viewed in isolation.

It is vital that we create environments, social norms and policy settings that encourage bike riding as a way to get around.



REGULAR Bike Shorts reader Ray Kirkland has suggested I do a regular inclusion of road rules for cyclists and I'm happy to oblige.

Bicycle riders in NSW must obey the road rules, stop at red lights or stop signs, give way as indicated by road signs and give hand signals when changing direction.

Under the Road Rules on the NSW legislation website, a bicycle is considered a vehicle and has the same road rules as other vehicles.