FAVOURITE: Lismore-based singer songwriter Ben Wilson.
FAVOURITE: Lismore-based singer songwriter Ben Wilson. CONTRIBUTED

Ben Wilson hits the vinyl frontier

GIVE Me That Hammer is the first full album release by Lismore-based UK-born artist Ben Wilson.

The album has been released in digital and vinyl formats, with the artwork featuring Wilson and his son Fionn, 4.

"Digitally, it's available from bandcamp and from this week you can find it on Spotify and iTunes," he said.

"I decided not to press CDs and go for vinyl with this album, as vinyl sales have gone up and overtook CD sales last year and I have been recording vinyls since I was a teenager."

"It still feels surreal when I hold my own vinyl in my hands," he said.

Wilson said the songs had a lot of contemporary rock influences, with folk and country embedded on them too.

"There is also a lot of bluegrass influence on them, which complemented the fact that we recorded the album live, with the whole band playing at once in a large room, a converted church in Billinudgel," he said.

"It is all acoustic instruments, nothing electronic, all recorded as vintage as we could, with old microphones with a warm vintage sound.

"Andrew Morris, from The Wilson Pickers and Bernard Fanning's band, he produced, engineered and mixed the album at his studios in Billinudgel."

The musician said the track 1917 was the "silly song" on the album.

"It's a silly song about me going for a job and them judging me for the way I looked and not getting to know me. So the song was about me trying to get a proper grown-up adult job but it didn't go so well for me," he said.

Buried Alive is a song Wilson created for all those who need to follow their passion and not let day to day life bury them under what is expected of them.

"The song was written about me talking to my wife but it is also about me talking to myself," he said.

Wilson said the overarching theme on the album was becoming a grown-up, having kids and looking at life in a different way.

"Becoming a father, having responsibilities, it's about all those things," he said.

"It's also about the conflict between being a father and being a touring musician.

"It's about comparing my father's parenting style and him not being around that much when I was a kid versus how I want to do things and how I balance being a musician with being a parent to my son."

"It's quite broad but that's what 'give me that hammer' means. It's time to do my own thing and do it a bit more seriously, and that's why I made this album".