Another year begins, so let's do it all again

AND so a new cycle begins. Everything sped up in the weeks before Christmas and then slowed again through January.

Australia Day kicked off the year with the city's first function at City Hall, as we honoured our community's high achievers.

And then, this week, the kids went back to school. The calendar is already in full swing and routine has taken over so productivity can begin anew.

Soon it will be the Business of The Year awards, the Our Kids Ball, then The Lantern Parade, Eat The Streets and The Far North Coast National.

The rhythm and chime of Lismore will reveal itself over the course of the year. As a community we will create art, life and relationships and do business and build stuff.

In a few months I will have been at The Echo for two years and reported on this cycle twice over.

Watching Roger Federer win the finals of the Australian Open, I marvelled at his ability to prevail as champion year upon year.

He has become a master of the grand slam and now the international tennis circuit bows to his game and training schedule.

I often think about what makes some people more driven and passionate than others.

My recent extended holiday period enabled me to step out of the daily whirl and look at the big picture.

I realised I was looking forward to coming back to The Echo.