And this too shall pass - quickly please

I'VE been thinking a lot about Brad and Kate at the Bank Cafe & Espresso on Molesworth St.

On Saturday night I was in Sydney with our van, helping my daughter move out of her share accommodation.

I was tired and had a chain of things that needed to be done before I got back to Lismore for work.

Before I knew it, I had put petrol in the diesel tank.

The rest of Saturday night was a blur of tow trucks, time spent on the side of the road, a seedy mechanic in Sydney's inner-west and the feeling of black grease over everything.

I then saw a nasty accident on the way home, my flight back into Ballina was delayed and there was a power outage at my house. No hot water.

Fingers crossed, I've pushed through to the other side of a menacing 72 hours.

Brad and Kate's fighting form - having experienced flooding at their restaurant again last week (page 3), almost a year to the day since the premises was devastated by Cyclone Debbie - kept coming back to me. I hope the heritage ceiling at the cafe isn't as badly damaged as they feared.

I want to say "this too shall pass”, but mostly I just want the community to rally around when they open their doors again soon.

We are looking forward to the "killer new menu” and raising a glass of hops to the good times.