STRONG TRADITION: Alma Graham at the 2019 Anzac Day march in Lismore.
STRONG TRADITION: Alma Graham at the 2019 Anzac Day march in Lismore.

Alma has seen more than a few marches in her time

EVER since her husband died in 1997, Alma Graham, 95, has been a familiar face in Lismore's Anzac Day march.

Stuart Graham served in The Light Horse Brigade and, along with his three brothers, all survived active service in World War 2.

Four Graham brothers fight for king and country in WW2.
Four Graham brothers fought for king and country in WW2.

Mrs Graham has dedicated her life to charity and now lives in St Mary's Mount nursing home in Lismore. She was also an active member of St Paul's Presbyterian Church.

Her nephew, Keith Graham, describes his aunt as an "absolute trouper”.

"She could well be the oldest person participating in the march,” he said.

Her son, Max Graham, who now runs the family dairy farm in Koonorigan, said his mother did not talk much about the war but it was clear that Anzac Day had become, not just a very special day in the calendar for her, but the whole family.

"My son was there this year and a few of the rest of the family. "You can tell how much it means to her. It was an emotional day and great way to keep the family legend alive. It gets more special as time goes on.

"When you see all the trouble in the world, it makes you realise what a lucky country we are. We have to be thankful to these poor brave young boys who put themselves in front of bullets to keep this country free.”