CELEBRATIONS: Happy couple Sarah and Sam Hagney (centre) pose with their bridal party in front of four Kenworths.
CELEBRATIONS: Happy couple Sarah and Sam Hagney (centre) pose with their bridal party in front of four Kenworths. Matthew Harper Photography

A wedding fit for a truckie

TRUCKS were such a huge part of Sam Hagney's life, it wasn't a surprise to his loved ones when they were included in the "best day of his life” - when he married Sarah Hagney.

Sam, 29, and Sarah, 23, were married on March 30, at St Stanislaus College in Bathurst, NSW.

The bridal party was transported around town in the trucks - or, as Sarah described them, the wedding vehicles.

She said two belonged to them, the Kenworth 909 and 404, and the other two belonged to two of Sam's mates.

"We agreed to use the trucks as all of the groomsmen are truck drivers and the trucks are a huge part of our life together,” Sarah said.

After the ceremony at StStanislaus College, which was where Sam's mother Lee-Anne, father Peter and Peter's four brothers attended school and married their wives, the couple celebrated at The Goldfields with family and friends.

Sam's grandparents had a livestock transport business in Bathurst for many years before moving to the farm where Sam grew up.

"Sam has always loved working with stock and being a truck driver like his grandfather Austin and dad Peter,” Sarah said.

"He's been associated with trucks ever since he was born, even having many nappy changes over the tyres. His dad would take him on many trips interstate.”

While Sarah didn't grow up around trucks and works as a primary school teacher, she spends her afternoons looking after the bookkeeping for Sam's business.

"Sam works endless hours running Hagtrans and doing his best to support those around him,” she said.

The couple met in 2014, after Sarah moved to the area with her family a year earlier and attended Charles Sturt University to become a primary teacher.

She grew up in Wallacia on acreage.

Her parents bought The Family Hotel in town, which was where she worked as a waitress, which was where she caught the eye of Sam.

The couple, who live in Wimbledon near Bathurst, were engaged on Christmas Day in 2017, surrounded by their families.

"It was during the time when we all sit around and open the presents,” Sarah said.

"He pretended that there was a present underneath my chair and had me try and look for it.

"I kept looking until I saw him on one knee in front of me, asking me to marry him. I was in tears and absolutely speechless.”