HOOP DREAMS: Rain does not stop play when the Lismore Basketball U14 boys and U14 girls representative teams play a practice game at the stadium.
HOOP DREAMS: Rain does not stop play when the Lismore Basketball U14 boys and U14 girls representative teams play a practice game at the stadium.

9 sports you can play when it rains

AS THE welcome rains please gardeners, farmers and firefighters, there’s no excuse for keeping fit even if your preferred sport is based in the great outdoors.

So we’ve sorted out nine options for you consider, in no particular order – and remember, you can redeem those Active Kids Vouchers for the youngsters.

1. Basketball

It’s indoors, springy floors, impervious to rain, no need for sunblock, what’s not to like about basketball? Lismore Basketball is recruiting new players in the men’s women’s and junior leagues now.

2. Ten Pin Bowling

You can play this fun indoor sport as seriously – or not – as you like.

With league and social bowling available for serious athletes as well as juniors, there’s also a disability league as well as others for anyone wanting to the give a sport a go.

3. Gyms

You know the drill – this kind of fitness centre is indoors, there’s weights, machines. classes and price points to suit most people with the majority of establishments offering a free go before you sign up. Plus airconditioning on those sweltering days.

4. Indoor pools

Yes it sounds counterintuitive – you get wet right? But with indoor pools the water is warm, it’s an activity which supports your body so ideal for people in recovery or who have not exercised in a while and there’s hot showers.

5. Darts

It’s a sport which allows everyone, no matter fitness level, age or gender, to compete equally.

Add that it’s family friendly and inexpensive to start out playing, and can he held in your home, a garage, shed or at a club, it’s win-win.

6. Badminton

It’s fun, it’s social or it’s playing for sheep-stations, but no matter the reason, badminton it’s one of the best ways to enjoy a rainy night.

No matter the level you prefer, you be warmly welcomed into the posse of Northern Rivers enthusiasts.

7. Boxing

Shed all your frustrations from work, family or the state of our pilates with a good thumping on the bag.

There’s nothing like kicking the hell out of a bag or having a good session in or out of the ring with your instructor to feel that satisfying level of tiredness.

Boxing is a sport you really know when you’ve had a workout.

8. Table tennis

Don’t be fooled, table tennis (never call it ping-pong) is a game can bring out our inner tiger.

And while you can be as social or competitive as you want and play singles or doubles, the option of folding the table up means you can practice on your own.

9. Home options

Ride a bike? Get a trainer you clip your back tyre onto and hey presto, you're off.

Into running? That’s why gyms have treadmills, but stretching, pilates and yoga can benefit runners – and all sporting codes – so get a mat and use one of the many free classes available online.

Or use those weights, skipping rope or rowing machine which is gathering dust in the garage.

There’s always good old-fashioned tricep dips, push-ups or squats.